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Concrete Cutting and Drilling Specialist: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Services from one of NSW leading Concrete Cutting and Drilling Contractors with over 20 years Experience in the field.

The Importance of Workplace Safety

During the technical process of core hole drilling , it is important to prevent all the possible hazards and to increase the safety through the moments of maintaining the drilling equipment. Core drilling actions usually generate high level of reparable dust with silica content in it, which can result in serious breathing difficulties depending on the level of exposure. Personal protective equipment and protective apparel not only prevents injuries, they can also save lives. It is important always to protect yourself when you are working alone, in a group or sounded by other people.

Wearing protection will also decrease the human errors, especially when using machines that can hurt your eyes and can leave stains to your clothes and body. Some processes can be very dangerous, so being aware of the working areas means to know everything in a case of an accident and how to avoid it. This review describes the potentials of the modern equipment and technical processes; that can lower the risk by shielding the dangerous concrete operations using professional equipment.  (more…)

Concrete Cutting Sydney – Track Sawing

Track sawing is a helpful technique in renovating projects where very accurate cuts are needed, while the sounds and vibrations are minimized. The track sawing process allows us highly controlled conditions of working with very precise angles, leaving a clean surface, which makes it suitable for doors and window openings. Depths up to 900mm can be accomplished. One of the greatest benefits is the dust free and vibration free process anywhere when we are faced with restricted and limited access like wall openings and floor opening. If customer requirements include wall openings, doorways, windows or even forming lift-shaft openings in a spot and there is limited working space our experts can provide an efficient answer. Besides we are using the latest electronic equipment for cutting and sawing vertical and horizontal openings. (more…)