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Concrete Cutting Sydney – Track Sawing

Track sawing is a helpful technique in renovating projects where very accurate cuts are needed, while the sounds and vibrations are minimized. The track sawing process allows us highly controlled conditions of working with very precise angles, leaving a clean surface, which makes it suitable for doors and window openings. Depths up to 900mm can be accomplished. One of the greatest benefits is the dust free and vibration free process anywhere when we are faced with restricted and limited access like wall openings and floor opening. If customer requirements include wall openings, doorways, windows or even forming lift-shaft openings in a spot and there is limited working space our experts can provide an efficient answer. Besides we are using the latest electronic equipment for cutting and sawing vertical and horizontal openings. Diamond track sawing is the very best method whenever the access is a problem, track saws can cut large depths which makes them extremely desirable for specific concrete and blockwork requirements. A huge advantage over hydraulic systems is the speed and because of the high frequency sawing is very compatible for environmental projects. Diamond track sawing is the best way to cut concrete and masonry regardless of the size of the object.
Diamond impregnated blade can be used to cut even the heaviest surfaces such as:

    • -Door & window openings;
    • -Lift shaft openings;
    • -Specific shapes openings;
    • -Hardly reachable places;
    • -Expansion joints.

The equipment we own is developed for large openings without the need of drills, beside the saw unit is protected while it moves backwards and forwards along the surface, creating any size of doors or window openings. Whenever you need a precise cut and perfectly smooth edges all you needs is a track sawing for the accurate, precise, and quick cuts. Today’s technological innovations allow cutting precise edges with smooth cuts directly from the centre of the surface, without damaging the rest of the object. For even more optimal results there is an option to work with different speed and blade sizes.
There are many companies out there that you could engage to perform such kind of a service. You need to be aware that sawing concrete can be a very dangerous task so whenever you need a service it’s best to hire someone experienced for concrete cutting and breaking. Consequently, when you hire experts you will feel free to ask advices, consult with your contractor while they are still working on your project. Always insist to work with a licensed company who will present proper documentation such as copies of Contractor license as a proof of insurance. If they can’t present the above documents you have the full right to refuse them to work on your project. Finding a serious concrete contractor is essential for any building project, beside cutting concrete is not naïve work, be clever enough to ask for their license.
Reliable concrete contractors will usually present a portfolio from their previous work so you can have a brief idea how they work. If they can’t provide such basic samples, then you might want to consider hiring another contractor that can provide one. Having all documents can help you decide to hire the right company between so many contractors. Nothing can give you a clear picture about the concrete contractor, as their previous working experience.

20 years of experience and working on different kinds of project brought us the proficient knowledge and skills to finish every project with excellence and on time. If you still haven’t found the concrete cutters, don’t look any further than concrete cutters Sydney.
Concrete removal Sydney is the perfect contractors for you, because of the high quality services and affordable costs.