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Concrete Cutting Sydney – Different types of Concrete Blades Available Today

Anyone who has performed any concrete cutting project before understands that there are different cutting blades available in the market today and the type of the cutting blade depends from the depth of the surface that needs to be cut. Generally, all concrete cutting blades serve the same purpose. The quality of the cut, longevity of the blade and the effect after the operation may encourage some users to operate with a hand held blades, or blades for wet cutting. Considering the cost of the blades you will understand why some blades are more expensive that the others and how to differentiate between hundreds of unique characteristics and opportunities.

Blades Designed For Cutting Concrete

First, a diamond blade consists form high quality steel and industrial grade diamonds embedded in parts or rims on the cutting edge. A turbo trim blade is used very often to cut abrasive surfaces such as concrete and bricks. This blade is specially designed to cut faster and more aggressively in wet or dry applications; however, it does not always leave a smooth finish because of the serrated rim.

Cutting concrete is a very difficult job because of its strength, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that typical blades don’t last very long.
Segmented Blades usually consist of diamond edges to cut through tough objects. These particular blades are designed with a rim which is divided using gullets. Segmented edges help to cool the blade and are considered to be more powerful and easy to employee because of the segments that it possesses. Moreover, these segments also cause the blade to cut deeper in a shorter period of time than other types of blades.

Circular Saw Blade

Circular blades can be the perfect choice if you need to cut tough material such as bricks. We use abrasive blades for tough building materials, stone, tiles, bricks, asphalt or even metal for various diameters with exceptional speed capacity. Different types of circular saw blades are designed to cut different materials, however, it is advisable to set the depth of the circular saw before you begin cutting.

If you plan to equip yourself with proper saw and blades the first step for high quality cuts is to define the object you want to work with. For some purpose, you may need to cut through walls, floors or other structures such as asphalt. This process of cutting concrete becomes much easier if the right blades are used with the equipment that facilitates the process. Diamond cutting is the most efficient method in the construction world. Blades used for concrete cutting are encrusted with diamonds which makes the tool tougher when cutting and rotating at high speeds.

Professional cutting companies know how to select blades depending on the material that has to be cut. They own plenty of diamond blades to cut different types of concrete materials to achieve greater economy and efficiency of the process. If you are planning to cut your concrete you may want to contact concrete contractors from Sydney they will certainly meet your working expectations.