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Best Practices of Asphalt Cutting and Maintenance

In order to avoid expensive repairs due to pavement failures, asphalt protection is the key to keep the surface attractive and good looking. Cutting roadways incorporate a wide range of concrete and asphalt sawing services to suit a variety of applications. Concrete cutting Sydney provides cost effective solutions and special blades capable to cut thousands of feet of roadways especially for your needs. Depending of the application the blade which we use for asphalt cutting is different from the one we use to cut walls, marble or concrete, because the asphalt surface is not as hard as other surfaces. On the contrary, hard bonded blades are more effective for asphalt cutting because they easily release the grit. If we apply dry cutting as a more soft technique compared to the wet asphalt cutting, than lubricating is a must for the entire time during the pavement cutting.

The roadways and other public highways used for vehicle travel classified as rigid surfaces needs to be repaired over time in order to fill the potholes. There are appropriate techniques to repair the cracks and make the road safer for the people who serve it. Road maintenance is more cost effective than major repairs and costly renovations and constructions. Likewise, the maintenance can be accomplished with least possible traffic disruption before it became a major problem.

There are different steps and operations in pavement cutting that we need to undertake at least once a year to inspect the entire highway before it became serious problem.

Step 1: Plan the activity in advance. We need to pay special attention of every single section when planning, maintenance activities on a roadway surfaces. Cleaning the working area is a must in order to ensure that the equipment will be safe during the cutting.

Step 2: Pay special attention and mark the cutting lines. Work zone safety is very important, besides the cutting will be more effective if we precise the damaged area with solid edges and lines according to the required proportion. Consequently, it is a good practice to cut the pavement on time before it loose it straight and it’s still in a good shape. Using solid equipment to square up the edges is better if we want the repaired surface to last longer.

Step 3: Making the Cuts – It is very important to cut the correct area and to measure how deep you need to cut to set the blade to the desired dept. After the work is completed you may now turn off the saw because it will damage the blade. Afterwards you can remove the damaged portion and eventually fill the cracks.

Many factors are used to determine the lifespan of the asphalt, but the regular maintenance is the most important for the roadway surfaces. In the majority of cases the heavy vehicles, extreme weather conditions such as sun, rain, frost, freezing are serious violation and main reasons to cause deterioration of the pavement roadway surfaces.

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