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Training Policy

Company recognises the value and benefits of employing personnel who are trained and proficient in the task and responsibilities they are required to perform, and it is, therefore, the policy of this Company to actively promote training of all employees.


To promote this policy:


  • All Departmental Heads, Managers and Supervisors are to:
  • Regularly assess the training needs of their personnel and to report these needs via the training procedures contained within the Company Quality Management System.
  • Encourage their personnel to undertake regular and further training.
  • Allow their personnel all facilities and opportunities to engage on training.
  • All Employees are to:
  • Report to their superiors any training needs they have identified as being required to enable them to properly and efficiently undertake the tasks and responsibilities assigned.
  • Make themselves available and to undertake the training offered.


Company Executives and Training Staff are to:


  • Promote training of all employees.
  • Arrange all appropriate training courses, etc, and to provide all reasonable facilities and opportunities and for the training of employees.

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