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Environment Policy

Environmental policy


Our Company recognises that some of its activities and services have an impact on the environment.


Therefore Our Company has taken steps to conduct its operations responsibly and with due regard to their impact on the environment.


Company policy is to eliminate any adverse environmental effects of all its activities, and take an active role in raising the awareness of its environmental responsibilities among its employees, contractors, suppliers and customers.


As a part of this policy Company shall as a minimum:


  • Comply with all relevant legislation as a minimum standard as well as those expressed by the customer and / or employee.
  • Ensure that all its departments have appropriate policies, procedures and facilities so such standards can be realised.
  • Implement effective environmental management reporting systems.
  • Promote environmental awareness and responsibility among all its employees, suppliers and customers.
  • Co-operate with all relevant health and safety agencies.
  • Conduct regular reviews of compliance to the minimum accepted levels set out by Company.
  • Continually strive to improve any environmental performance and the prevention of pollution, both noise and concrete slurry to the highest standards set by Company utilising better work practices and / or equipment.

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