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Concrete Cutting and Drilling Specialist: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Services from one of NSW leading Concrete Cutting and Drilling Contractors with over 20 years Experience in the field.

Leave Concrete Cutting Services to the Professionals

Concrete cutting surfaces can’t last forever, so if you plan go ahead with a new construction object or renovate any existing constructor you will need skilled and qualified concrete cutting contractor. Purchasing a commercial cutter or a diamond cutting tools may seem like a profitable trade but the final result will be much better if you decide to go to a professional concrete cutting expert. (more…)

Concrete Cutting Sydney – Expert’s Cutting Tips and Techniques

The process of cutting concrete during the renovation of an existing structure  requires special saws and skilled operators with utmost accuracy, patience and knowledge. You can apply different mechanisms and use several different methods for precise cuttings so you must be aware of the functions and features of the devices you are operating with. Like in every other profession you can learn some useful tips and advises on how to efficiently apply cutting blades for concrete projects. (more…)

Concrete Cutting Sydney – Different types of Concrete Blades Available Today

Anyone who has performed any concrete cutting project before understands that there are different cutting blades available in the market today and the type of the cutting blade depends from the depth of the surface that needs to be cut. Generally, all concrete cutting blades serve the same purpose. The quality of the cut, longevity of the blade and the effect after the operation may encourage some users to operate with a hand held blades, or blades for wet cutting. Considering the cost of the blades you will understand why some blades are more expensive that the others and how to differentiate between hundreds of unique characteristics and opportunities. (more…)

Concrete Cutting Sydney: Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Right Concrete Contractor in Sydney


Finding a great concrete contractor in Sydney can be an overwhelming job and the best way to select professionals is to do your own research and build a basic knowledge of the market. Whatever the construction project is conduction your own search across your local area is a solid starting point to have a clear vision of the upper and lower price limits or how much money you are willing to spend when hiring a cutting contractor. Of course, your decision shouldn’t be relay on the price tag only – most of the contractors will offer different working policies, skills and solutions. Such a delicate process cost a lot of money so it is natural to have a few questions about the process to find the right balance between a fair price and a quality service. (more…)

Concrete and Masonry Cutting Services in Sydney- Masters Masons

Concrete cutting is a process of sawing, drilling and removal of concrete surfaces performed by skilled professionals which are employing saws such as diamond impregnated blades. Opposite from the old- fashioned dusty “jack hammer” method, modern cutting is precise and leaves a smooth, attractive cuts without any sign of dust or mess. Learn the differences between cutting techniques and when you can benefit from wall sawing or what core drilling really means.

What Exactly Wall Sawing is? (more…)

Tips for Selecting the Right Diamond Blade

Choosing the right cutting blade is very important as choosing the right saw in the aspect of efficiency, cost effectiveness and profitable output. Using inappropriate blade or saw will lower the cutting speed, can shorten blade life raising the cutting costs at the same time. Diamond blades come in a variety of sizes and performance levels so choosing the right blade for a project and apply it correctly can save time, money and increases profit. Owners should include several factors when purchasing the right blade, characteristics of the concrete being cut, saw speed and performance to improve productivity and economy, as well as minimize the chances of troubleshooting blade issues. (more…)

Different Concrete Structures and Effective Cutting Solutions

Concrete is a highly durable building material necessity for a variety of construction – as such is usually reinforced with ingredients that are strong in tension. The elasticity of the surface is moderately constant but over time can decrease its tension at higher stress levels which is the reason why we are using diamond saw blades to provide safer and cleaner cuts. Reinforced concrete, as the most common form of concrete usually corresponds well to diamond blades as relatively affordable and a practical solution when cutting objects. Concrete characteristics can also be improved by using steel bars and cables providing longer span as a practical variation than the concrete alone. Practically, the inspection of concrete cutting surfaces is non-destructive as we employee the right equipment such as diamond blades, used to estimate the true concrete straight in the field.


Professional Concrete Cutting Services in Sydney

Nowadays, a number of contractors specializing in concrete cutting and drilling are offering plenty of services that promise to offer great and effective output for your residential and commercial projects. Deciding which concrete contractor can supply excellent services can be a tough choice as it can be costly if you really want the best outcome. The entire process of concrete cutting is a tough task which takes the utmost attention to realize your construction plans as you only have one opportunity to cut and saw walls. Whether you are a professional tradesmen or DIY practitioner, it is in your best interest to find people who are professional, reputable and who specialize in this kind of work in order to have high quality results.

Safety Guide for Concrete Sawing and Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting and drilling are fundamental processes of making holes in concrete floors, walls or any other paved structure or surface. For most concrete cutting companies, these are basic services, usually in high demand of cutting tools, concrete drills to provide ready solutions for many common construction problems. Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling precise, clean holes in concrete walls and removing a solid core rather than pulverize the concrete. Anyone who has ever tried concrete cutting or drilling will tell you that dust and noise are the two biggest deterrents and health damaging components for this job. The dust is a consequence of hazardous materials and the high noise can damage hearings. Thus, it is crucial to undertake work in the most precise and most secure manner. (more…)

Safety Requirements When Cutting Concrete

Concrete cutting despite being a labour-intensive task, it also a job that abounds with dangers to the staff performing it, but also to the environment. In order to keep the safety at high standards, minimize injuries and keep the pollution of the environment at an absolute minimum, some safety precautions and specialist equipment must be used. Also, every employee must have the training that ensures the proper use of the safety equipment and to be able to identify faulty items and prevent further use of them. The minimum standard of safety equipment includes: respirators, safety glasses, hard hat, high visibility clothing, hearing protection and protective footwear. (more…)