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Concrete Cutting and Drilling Specialist: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Services from one of NSW leading Concrete Cutting and Drilling Contractors with over 20 years Experience in the field.

Safety Guide for Concrete Sawing and Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting and drilling are fundamental processes of making holes in concrete floors, walls or any other paved structure or surface. For most concrete cutting companies, these are basic services, usually in high demand of cutting tools, concrete drills to provide ready solutions for many common construction problems. Concrete core drilling is the process of drilling precise, clean holes in concrete walls and removing a solid core rather than pulverize the concrete. Anyone who has ever tried concrete cutting or drilling will tell you that dust and noise are the two biggest deterrents and health damaging components for this job. The dust is a consequence of hazardous materials and the high noise can damage hearings. Thus, it is crucial to undertake work in the most precise and most secure manner. (more…)

High Quality and Dust Free Drilling Services

Whether it is a residential or a commercial project, in any kind of concrete structure – drilling operations are most suitable to create flawless results that are aesthetic, precise and of the highest quality. When diamond core drilling is utilized, with the help of tolls and saws, operators can make a round gasp on different surfaces whether horizontal or vertical. Employing concrete drilling is the only option if the project is demanding and requires high precision without causing any additional damage over a clean environment.



Polishing Concrete – Best Way to repair Floors

Floors in every school, home, commercial building and driveway over time became susceptible to water damage as one of the biggest reasons why your concrete may manifest cracks which are quite noticeable. Even the most protected material will succumb under moisture because of the destructive weather conditions or simply by everyday activities such as frequent traffic or regular mopping. Repairing and polishing concrete is the most effective and affordable way to protect and renew your floor to its original state. Sometimes even if we are very mindful and careful with an accident it may occur. We can’t prevent each possibility of a broken water pipe or influence the weather conditions. All we need is to put more effort in regular maintenance to get rid of every potential factor that might damage the surface. (more…)