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Concrete Cutting Sydney – Stages of Grinding and Polishing Concrete

The idea of concrete polishing is relatively new, but it is rapidly growing and it usually requires concrete cutting contractors. In general, concrete polishing is a mechanical process that cuts and refines concrete surfaces until desired appearance is reached. Concrete grinding and polishing makes the concrete strong and durable compared to traditional polished terrazzo. The concrete can be stained in different designs in plenty of colors and applications to create unique and outstanding decorative surfaces.

Thanks to recent achievements in polishing techniques any concrete surface new or old can be grinded and it is no wonder why more business objects, hotels, restaurants are opting for polished concrete and use the benefits of smooth, highly durable and easy to maintain floors. Polished concrete is also a preferred choice for the majority of homeowners and business because it is easy to clean only with water and mop, besides it is capable to hold on extreme foot traffic remaining bright and clean.

Polishing concrete is a multi-step process in which the ground concrete is the lowest category of the processing methods. This basic step is used to achieve desired reflective smooth surface from coarser grit to finer grit abrasives. At the beginning a thin layer is removed from the surface to correct the floor imperfections such as cracks or construction roughness by using wet or dry polishing. Each of these methods has its own advantages: wet method is much more abrasive and more effective, but many polishing contractors prefer the dry polishing because it is faster, more convenient and environmentally friendly.

Honed Concrete is the next step where contractor uses any abrasive from 100-grit to 400-grit resin to achieve a slight reflection with low to high quality sheen to finish the surface of the floor.

Polished Concrete is the highest category and any abrasive 800-grit and above, it is used to achieve a mirror or glass-like finish. The typical grit for this is 1,500 to 3,000.
Polished concrete is widely used for both internal and external concrete surfaces. Plenty of skills and knowledge are required to reach the desired results. This is why it’s vital for suppliers to learn everything from scratch about the processes and methods of polishing and grinding concrete to provide cost effective solutions. Concrete cutting professionals and operators utilize diamond blades for optimal performances in flat sawing, core drilling, and wall cutting even for hand sawing tasks. Grinding produces vast amounts of cuttings so it is best to use diamond tools which are abrasive and tough enough to cut over the concrete.

After performing all stages of initial grinding with diamond and metal tools it is advisable to apply liquid chemicals made from sodium or lithium to help protect the concrete surface from penetration and staining. These products can be applied directly to new or existing floors to form new hard layers and to keep the surface saturated.
After the final desired product is obtained the last step is to protect the surface by utilizing stain guard products, to make the floored more resistant to oil, or other chemical which can easily absorb and damage the foundation. If you need some extra information on topics regarding concrete cutting, drilling or sawing or you are uncertain to work only by yourself visit – concrete cutting Sydney contractors.