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What Are the Different Concrete Cutting Sydney Methods?

Concrete cutting is the method of drilling or creating holes through ceilings, walls, floors, etc. Concrete is one of the most rigid materials found on earth; hence, cutting it requires the help of professionals with a lot of experience, training, and tools for dealing with the project.


There are a number of different concrete cutting methods. Concrete cutting Sydney professionals use specific methods depending on the needs and type of project. The most common methods and techniques include the following:


Wire Sawing

This method originated in quarries to extract the stone. It is an excellent choice when removing thick sections of concrete. A series of pulleys is used to pull multi-strand cables with various diamond segments through the concrete. Since no cross-section or concrete structure is too large to cut, wire sawing is effective where other cutting techniques are impractical. The only restriction is the job’s lifting and removal specifications. This method is ideal for cutting concrete in areas with limited workspace.


Flat Sawing

Flat sawing is one of the most common concrete cutting methods. It is generally used to cut horizontal flat surfaces, e.g. pavement, bridge decks, and floors. Flat saws have a diamond blade mounted on a walk-behind machine. Slabs or flat saws are used to remove concrete sections for demolition purposes, clean and repair random cracks for repair, remove damaged pavement sections, and provide expansion joints.


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing involves using a circular blade on a track-mounted machine. The track is attached to steep floors, inclines, or vertical walls, where flat sawing is impossible. Track or wall sawing is generally specified to cut accurate dimensional window, vent, or door openings. This particular method makes bevel and straight cuts possible. It is also an ideal method for creating accurate openings in concrete.


Ring Sawing

Ring sawing is one of the most commonly used concrete cutting methods for small and medium size projects. With this method, you can make holes with great precision in restricted spaces. Ring saws are generally handheld in form. Because of this, it is more convenient to use them in areas that are confined in form or simply difficult to access. Ring sawing is an excellent choice for precision concrete cutting as it prevents over-cutting or damaging the surface.


Core Drilling

Core drilling is used when circular, precise concrete cuts are required. Holes of virtually any diameter are easily drilled to create openings for electrical, plumbing, and more. This method is also widely used to make holes for concrete sample analysis, insert anchoring bolts or routing cables, or install dowel bars or carrying devices.


These are the most popular types of concrete cutting methods. Apart from these, there are many others, e.g. dry sawing, wet sawing, floor sawing, etc. 


The job will dictate the method concrete cutting services would use in doing the cutting work. The concrete cutting Sydney professionals are fully trained to use any of the above-listed methods depending on the contract you have in mind.