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Concrete Cutting and Drilling Specialist: Concrete Sawing and Drilling Services from one of NSW leading Concrete Cutting and Drilling Contractors with over 20 years Experience in the field.

Ring Sawing Services for Hire

Ring Sawing is a very efficient form of concrete cutting and sawing accomplished by skilled and knowledgeable people which are using special blades. Unlike the old- fashioned way, the new sawing method leaves a smooth, good-looking surface and utilizes a method without causing any dust or mess. There are many different kinds of ring sawing but the most common are wall sawing, floor openings and spreading expansion joints. Ring saw is commonly used for smaller scale jobs because of its mobility of cutting without leaving dirt. Ring sawing is carried out in a highly-controlled environment with absolutely no mess or dust in the process. The major advantage of Ring Sawing Sydney is that you can cut deeper and still leave a precision square in walls, doors, windows and concrete pipes.

The Ring Saw is a hand operated device, so you can create a larger cutting depth much more than the traditional hand saw. Another positive feature of the Ring Saw is its capability to stop cutting over the angles and ages of penetrations. The Ring Saw is an extremely useful machine, which allows a simple and safe way of cutting in problem areas like concrete walls and floors. Usually the ring saws have a maximum cutting depth of 270mm and are hand-held tools. Their flexibility to be used in hardly reachable places without the risk of damage made these machines extremely useful in low noise and vibration free processes. Another positive side of applying ring sawing machines is a dust free process without any disruption and disturbing noise to others, which makes them ideal for:

    • - Cutting Windows and Doors in the main structure of buildings;
    • - Reducing Dust & Noise due to the process;
    • - Creating openings in concrete surfaces where access is limited;
    • - Cutting or Spreading Expansion Joints;
    • - Cutting openings in floors where access is restricted;
    • - Precise corners cuttings;
    • - Air Conditioning penetrations and openings;
    • - Concrete pipes and man hole covers;

We practice hand sawing in places where there is limited access or deficient room for floor sawing. Examples of hand sawing requests are usually for pool environments, garden slabs and square places, which makes it sometimes very challenging. In addition, of hand sawing and ring sawing, we are capable into performing all aspects of the concrete: grinding, concrete polishing and concrete cutting, asphalt sawing, wall chasing, demolition and removal. We are an affordable concrete cutting company a leader in our industry, besides we are offering the most highly skilled professionals together with the concrete cutting and sawing equipment at very reliable rates. And unlike any of our competitors, we dedicate ourselves in ring sawing alone and different cutting concrete services. We have a highly experienced people who can operate our equipment, keeping safety and precision before everything else, to give you the best results and finishes.

You can be assured that any task will be finished in a professional and timely manner, whether you need a simple cut into a concrete wall or you need a round core hole through a concrete restricted place, we can accommodate any of your concrete cutting needs.

When you require a quick and clean cutting service, Citycut can provide: wire sawing, chain and ring sawing. We have the ideal solutions for getting precision cornering regardless if is a huge project or precise sawing on any small project. If you are interested to know more about our services, please call our friendly team today for any further information so we can discuss the needs of your project.