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Almost every building project involves some form of concrete cutting or core drilling procedure when a certain portion needs to be removed while leaving the remaining surface without damage. At the beginning, concrete cutting seems like a quite simple job to perform; but the truth is, in practice, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to undertake a safe and effective operation or everyday project.
The major problem is when you cut in a concrete or a masonry wall a dust and debris from the opening area can potentially harm your eyes and lungs while breathing. Concrete dust if it’s not cleaned properly may even damage the surrounding finish of the object. Therefore, in every process of sawing and cutting dust control is necessary regardless of what kind of demolition or removal we are taking on.

Most commonly used methods for dust control is to collect the dust with special devices and to pull it away in an air stream. While using a diamond cutting tools or other abrasive devices we apply water, which helps us to lubricate and in the same time to cool down the cutting tools. Involving drainage system like wet vac to absorb the spread of the cooling water can protect you from this extremely dangerous work. Standing in a puddle of water while using electrical devices can be very dangerous, so proper protection is a must.
Operators at concrete cutting Sydney are always practising additional protection when applying core drilling machine. These machines are hard to keep in place during the drilling procedure. The friction is very strong and provides quite large resistance while operating. The smoother the floor, the better the pressure will be. On the other hand, there will be less resistance to rotation due to friction from the greasy floor. Similarly, while a rough surface may cause more friction, the roughness will prevent a strong vacuum seal against the base.

Sometimes, the vacuum seal is not completely stable and may fail during the drilling process. The operator must be aware of the possibility that the device base may rotate strongly and frequently without warning. In a situation like this the operator must be mindful of the spinning motion of the machine all the time during the operation. A more secure technique is to apply a concrete anchor through the working area as an addition to the vacuum seal. Majority of the machines owns a setting for such an anchor and the small rope where the anchor can be easily fixed to the concrete floor.

While creating cuts in concrete with a concrete saw or making a round hole with a core drill, you must also think what is concealed beneath the surface. The concrete contains rocks that can complicate the functioning of the cutting tool, and sometimes there are plumbing lines and electrical cables covered by concrete. Cables and wires are not always exactly where the sketches show them to be.

These are some of the reasons why concrete cutting operations are so dangerous and require more knowledge and practise that owning a simple cutting blade. Concrete cutting Sydney implements only precise tools, quality and up to date devices in a good shape, a supply of cooling water and most of all a skilled operator. Equipment can be precise sharp and safe, but the operator must be familiar with all the potential threats and to know all the possible ways to deal with unpredictable situations.