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Preparations for Wall Removing

Nowadays, almost all construction projects usually require the need of concrete cutting, often large construction tasks requires walls to be moved, added or replaced with different parts of the house. When it comes to wall cutting the preparation is half the battle. Removing the right wall can bring more value to your living space improving the design of the environment. We’are a Concrete Cutting Sydney based company that can provide solution for wall openings and replacing, quickly and safe. You may consider removing walls to increase the living space, giving a fresh look creating a new appearance by adding natural light to the entire space. Be aware that wall removing is a time consuming process which demands careful planning and maintaining.
Destroying walls contributes dust and debris; before you start removing the walls, empty the room as much as possible. In aim to protect the furniture and working area cover everything with sheets or plastic coverings. Ventilation is needed to prevent the dust, so try to keep the windows and doors open to air and remove the dust.

In a process of demolishing you may be tempted to remove the entire wall. We highly recommend working safe and easy, removing piece by piece, because you don’t want to cut out more than necessary. Start by slowly removing small portions; use a hammer to test how the wall is designed. If the wall is loaded – bearing wall (supports the floor above) there is a risk that eliminating the wall will ruin the entire house. If the wall you want to remove is a part of the entire structural system or is in the right position to the floor joists stop immediately. Always test the construction of the house to see how the joints and the ceilings are attached, if you are not quite sure you can always advise a professional.
Plumbing, wiring or steam pipes within a wall can make the process quite complex. Be careful with the pipes through the wall, once you tear the water pipe you will need a plumber to reroute the water system. To prepare for demolition draw sketches so you can mark the places of all switches, all wires from all locations including the ones from the basement. Before opening the wall, turn off the electrical circuits. If you are inexperienced with water and electrical circuits call suitable contractors for this job.
If you are looking for a contractor to modernise your house, we have an amazing offer for any type of construction project. Our operatives are licensed and can undertake larger formations like asphalt, roads and any type of stone or bricks. We own equipment for larger openings of any surface and sensitive areas. For brighter and cleaner living space you can call us for free consultations. No matter what your project is we won’t let a concrete wall to stand in your way.
We can also help you if you need to make other structural changes in the house to get the most use out of your living space. While this isn’t necessary in all cases, many people find that using our expert services is a great idea. If you know you want to remove the wall, but you are having problems visualising the process, Call 0418 863 739, our professional advices could also be helpful.