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What is Kerb Cutting and Why It is so Important?

In every low-speed environment, kerb cutting  is  a very effective solution that enables vehicle traffic. There are more types of kerbs categorized by shape, material, height, and purpose. They are usually constructed from cement concrete, blocks or stone and often have a vertical or nearly-vertical shape, known as a barrier used to discourage motor vehicle drivers from leaving the roadway. The slope square of 90° makes it easier and safer for pedestrians to walk on the street. With our custom made kerb saws we ensure all the capacity needed to accomplish all your requirements with residential and commercial driveway entrances, ramps, access ramps and any other form of cutting needs. Our equipment is highly professional and suitable with the latest innovations and achievements in cutting technology, which allow us to adapt these saws for unconventional requests.
A kerb ramp is a short ramp constructed to allow safe access for those who use wheeled forms of mobility. Ramp is ideal for a variety of needs and it is made for pedestrian uses. This is quite common in city areas or street surfaces, allowing independent moving to the people with walking disabilities. These would otherwise be excluded from the sidewalk because of the barrier created by the curb. Besides for individuals with mobility impairments, curb ramps are important for blind people with vision impairments to identify the transition between the sidewalk and the street. Vertical curb cuts placed in the streets are very useful for motor vehicles, buggy for babies or any pulling cart. Without any ramps it is difficult and dangerous for a person using a wheelchair to cross a street if the sidewalk on either side of the street ends without a curb ramp. Individuals are forced to stay at home because the chosen destination to visit is not available to them.
Without these assets, people with disabilities wouldn’t be capable to move by them self’s from a curbed sidewalk to roadways. According to street scheme and guidelines, there is always a need for a concrete cutting contractor that is mindfully trained with all requirements and standards. Our employees are well trained to accomplish any surface and sidewalk at given time period.

Thus, we can categorize curb ramps by their form, design and position on the street. As following we distinguish:
• Vertical curb ramps;
• Diagonal curb ramps;
• Parallel curb ramps;
• Combination curb ramps and
• Depressed corners.

Long time ago it was necessary to completely transform the driveways to create curb ramps. Now, installation is much easier and doesn’t consume lots of time to complete all the angles in the concrete. Equipment which is up to date allows us to save time, labor and materials, offering so many advantages over other companies which are implementing traditional methods that are quite substantial. Besides our saws are designed to be modified for other uses to achieve all clients’ needs.
The process in which we provide an opening of the street requires a special permission and application together with a sketch or a blueprint of the street and the location where you plan to cut. The contractor who will be responsible must be licensed and you are obligated to present the Contractor’s Company name, address, phone number, state license number, and expiration date. After the documents are filled out completely you can call your concrete cutters Sydney  to start with the process.