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Concrete Cutting Sydney: The Ultimate Guide to Hydraulic Bursting

As a popular technique in the construction industry, hydraulic bursting becomes a specialty for concrete cutting Sydney companies. Its popularity has been particularly high in the recent years, for places where noise and dust from construction work should be minimal.

Hydraulic bursting is defined as an advanced demolition technique where is necessary to remove massive concrete structures, brickwork or natural stone. The safe and efficient implementation of this technique makes it a favourite among workers who deal with demolition. Regardless of whether horizontal or vertical structures should be broken, the technique is recommended because of the many advantages it offers in comparison to traditional concrete cutting techniques.

The hydraulic bursting process consists of several successive steps. The process begins by drilling several holes in the concrete to be broken. This is done by diamond drilling tools. The holes created can be of different diameter, from 48 to 200mm, while the number of holes depends on the structure surface that has to be demolished. The next step is putting a special hydraulic burster into the holes. It works under tremendous pressure, bringing concrete to a state of cracking and breaking. This procedure is repeated until the concrete surface breaks completely. The end result is broken smaller pieces of concrete that can easily be transferred from the construction site.

Non-percussive demolition technique used for different thicknesses and strengths on concrete and other surfaces. It has the largest practice in spaces which are small and limited. It is used for demolishing walls, floors, foundations, pillars, beams, dams…

Not creating noise and dust are the two main benefits of hydraulic bursting. Ideal for using in places that have a noise restriction, such as hospitals, schools and other commercial and residential objects. Based on the noise created, this is the quietest technique of all other concrete cutting Sydney techniques. Because the tools used in the process crack and break concrete, rather than demolishing it, the dust created is minimal. It reduces air pollution, and also workers do not risk their health.

If you need to break massive concrete structure, and you need a quiet and clean demolition, then you need a company which is doing hydraulic bursting. Workers should have the knowledge and experience to use these powerful tools and machines. Choose the professionals who have been cracking and demolishing for a long period of time.

If you have any questions about hydraulic bursting, contact the best concrete cutting Sydney company.