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Concrete cutting Sydney – Knowing Key Factors and Understanding Tools!

Whenever you have the need of concrete cutting and sawing it is important to know what factors can affect your cutting performance. Cut-off equipment and diamond chainsaws are most common concrete cutting tools used in this industry. Whenever used their usage overlap quite a bit, but these two tools are not identical. Hence understanding the differences between these two types, you can easily make the right choice for your next job.


Cut-off – standard industry machines

The easy choice for the most of the concrete cutting needs, cut-off machines are hand-held saws used to cut concrete, asphalt and metal surfaces. Usually are available in 12- 14 inch size and can be powered by gas powered, a hydraulic power unit, compressor or electricity motor. While the usage mostly of the persons handling such machines practice a composite abrasive wheel or diamond blade to cut in various needs.


Diamond chainsaws for your needs

This is a tool designed like a wood cutter chainsaw, with a power head and chain which is driven by a sprocket from the power head around the guide bar. As its name suggests, the chain on a diamond chainsaw incorporates diamond segments that are laser welded to the chain in place of the cutting teeth typical with a wood saw.
One of the Concrete Cutting Sydney tools – the Diamond chainsaws offer several advantages when compared to the circular- cut-off machines, as they are designed to actually dive-nose into the material and have the ability to cut twice as deep as the standard circular blade.
Choosing and understanding your aggregate is the first thing that you need to know before selecting the proper diamond blade. Hard aggregates require diamond blades with a softer connection. Since the metals that are holding the blade cutters are softer can allow the diamonds to grind and easily brake down when finished. On the other the soft aggregates involve harder bond made diamond blades, where the metal holds the diamonds tighter and the soft aggregate supports the grinding.


If you are beginner then:

  • Choose the matching blade closely: For supreme cutting speed and lifespan, you must know the size, hardness and type-strength of the cutting material.
  • Hardness of the material will help you determine the speed of the operating tools.
  • Size of the surface- at the very beginning determine the size of the hole you want to cut, drill or core. Then observe tools’ maximum capacities and ranges and choose by the need.

Understanding these basic things and knowing simple guideline aspects on which finishing tools work best for your job, should be the key factors guiding your Concrete Cutting Sydney hiring and choosing the one.