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Concrete Cutting Sydney – Guidelines for Beginners

There are certain tasks in any home improvement or construction project that will require you to cut into some concrete. If you are new to concrete cutting and want to take care of the project by yourself, then there are specific guidelines that you must follow to make sure that the process is carried out safely. Following are some concrete cutting guidelines for beginners:


Identify the Concrete That You Are About to Cut


There are many different types of concrete, and they should be cut via different kinds of concrete saws or blades. For example, concrete that has steel bars is known as reinforced concrete. To cut it, you will need to use specially designed blades that are made for this purpose. Another example of concrete is one that has complex aggregates, e.g. quartz and basalt. These aggregates tend to dull the diamonds on the blade very quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose a blade that has a softer bond so that the diamonds are exposed more easily.


Determine Whether You Need to Do Wet or Dry Cutting


Concrete is generally cut with water. Therefore, it is known as wet cutting. Wet cutting is preferred because it helps reduce the dust, keeps the concrete cutting blade cool, and extends its life. However, if there is no water source near the construction site, you may have to perform the dry cutting.


Surface Cuts All the Way


Surface cuts are significant. Most beginners go all-in when they start the process of surface cutting. Don’t make deep cuts right away, as it may lead to faulty and messy cuts. Instead, you should make a surface cut that can guide the rest of the process and slowly make this cut deeper. In this way, you will avoid making mistakes and ensure that the desired cuts are made.


Control the Dust


Concrete cutting produces a lot of dust, particularly in the dry cutting method. Even wet cutting can produce some dust. Controlling this dust is extremely important as it can be harmful to your health. It is recommended that you invest in a vacuum that can get rid of the concrete dust from the area. Combined with a wet saw, a vacuum can make the process of concrete cutting safe for you and others in the immediate area.


Wear Personal Protective Equipment


Don’t forget to put on protective clothing, earplugs, and goggles, particularly if the concrete cutting job is enormous. For smaller, more straightforward concrete cutting jobs, you should at least wear a professional respirator.


Hire Professionals if the Job is Too Complicated


If your concrete cutting project is big or the nature of the job is too complicated, it would be good to hire professional concrete cutting Sydney services. Large or complex concrete cutting projects are best left to professionals. An untrained individual cannot match the quality of a professional’s work. Also, when you choose to hire professional concrete cutting Sydney services, you won’t have to worry about investing in the various tools required for the job.