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Concrete Cutting Sydney: Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the Right Concrete Contractor in Sydney


Finding a great concrete contractor in Sydney can be an overwhelming job and the best way to select professionals is to do your own research and build a basic knowledge of the market. Whatever the construction project is conduction your own search across your local area is a solid starting point to have a clear vision of the upper and lower price limits or how much money you are willing to spend when hiring a cutting contractor. Of course, your decision shouldn’t be relay on the price tag only – most of the contractors will offer different working policies, skills and solutions. Such a delicate process cost a lot of money so it is natural to have a few questions about the process to find the right balance between a fair price and a quality service.


What is concrete cutting?

Construction core drilling involves a lot of techniques of removing concrete to form passages, openings, joints or holes into wall concrete and slab concrete. The majority of custom construction projects is carried out with the use of saws and drills, which are regularly impregnated with diamond for the optimal results. There is no doubt that concrete cutting is often necessary for commercial and private projects; for a variety of applications and openings.

When would I need to use concrete cutting?

Concrete as a material is one of the most durable and most difficult to remove and to be cut. Concrete openings and cuttings can also be very demanding and dangerous as they often involve cutting through steel or dig trenches and lay pipe under the existing slab to add drainage to someone’s yard. You might consider asking a contractor to help you in the creation of windows, pavements, floors, or doors and other home improvement projects.

Why do you need a water supply for concrete cutting?

Concrete cutting can be a dirty job and can generate huge clouds of dust tin the working environment that could be dangerous to workers’ health. The only way to keep the surrounding areas dust free is to employee wet cutting equipment which helps to decrease the amount of dust concentration. In summary, water helps to lubricate the saw keeping the mess under control.

Is concrete cutting loud?

Proper protection is extremely necessary during the cutting process – ear protection such as earplugs must always be used to protect the hearing of employees and minimize the risk of hearing damage. The nature of the task requires constant training and awareness so the employees can become familiar of the legal limits of noise exposure and ensure that the limits are not being exceeded.

Are diamond concrete cutting saws really tipped with diamonds?

Yes! Whilst it’s not the same as jewellery diamonds these are industrial grade diamonds -more like grains fixed on the blades of concrete cutting saws and drills. The unique properties possessed by diamond blades grant them with extremely high-strength and therefore the ability to cut through materials of all types of thickness and hardness.

What are the advantages of professional concrete cutting?

The benefits that concrete cutting offers are essential for the commercial projects, where cost effective and accurate work is of the utmost importance. The major welfares of concrete cutting Sydney include; precision of work, lack of dust, low noise and efficient output with minimal environmental disturbance.

Last but not least, the combination of modern equipment including diamond concrete cutting, diamond drilling, hydraulic bursting, years of experience are the utmost way to success. If you’re looking forward to cooperate with specialists or you are planning a project and you need some professional help, get in touch today with professional for concrete sawing, braking and removal.