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Achieving the Outcomes with Concrete Cutting Sydney

To cut concrete is not easy because it is a process of possible workplace accidents. For this reason, hiring a concrete cutting Sydney contractor is indispensable for providing safety and achieving the coveted outcomes.


For cutting and breaking hard material, such as concrete, it can be said it requires a large amount of expertise and knowledge. Nowadays, it is often the case that problems and accidents are caused precisely because of the lack of knowledge of operating tools and machines. Or because not respecting any safety measures. Also, each task is unique and requires a different approach than the previous one. Only a professional contractor will know what it takes to cut, or break, or saw a concrete structure.


The following is the most inquired and most commonly used techniques for concrete structures on the Australian market:


Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is the most frequently used technique for removing concrete. The main purpose of the technique is to create cuts on the wall (vertical or horizontal) for door openings or windows. The technique is considered as complicated because it requires cutting a larger surface and then removing that structure. Skilled workers use power-sourced tools and machines to avoid potential damages. They use wet-cut diamond blades, which are capable to cut dust-free up to 32″ deep.


Wall Chasing

Engineers are facing the need for electrical cables or plumbing pipes to be relocated daily. This technique is applicable for creating high precision openings in concrete, stone or steel. Since wall chasing Sydney is a very silent and dust-free technique, it is preferable for commercial and retail projects. Single or twin-blade chase cutter can cut channels to a depth of up to 50mm.


Concrete Demolition and Removal

In earlier years, workers have used heavy and noisy machines for demolition operations. Today, the hydraulic cruncher technique facilitates the process. For clean, fast and quiet demolition, the hydraulic cruncher is capable of breaking and removing concrete structures up to 310mm thick. Although breaking concrete seems easy to perform, it is a process that cannot be performed on its own without professional assistance. The process must be well planned so that nearby objects or human lives are not compromised. A professional contractor utilises completely remote-controlled track-mounted equipment that destroys hard-to-reach concrete structures and objects.


Wall sawing/chasing and concrete demolition/removal are complicated techniques. Hiring a professional contractor for concrete cutting is a general practice, whether you are a homeowner or business owner.


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