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Concrete Core Drilling Sydney – Choosing the Right Blade

Whether you are planning to drill or cut concrete, saw control joints, or enhance concrete with decorative scoring, you should first consider choosing the right saw blade so that the job is done right.


The right concrete cutting blade can mean the difference between an efficient job and one with lots of additional costs and downtime. Your investment in a quality concrete cutting blade is well justified by long service life, smooth surface, reduced downtime, and productivity gains. However, there are several things to consider to ensure that you choose the right blade. These include the following:


Type of Material You Are Going to Cut


The first and most important thing to consider is the type of material that you plan to cut. Next, you want to choose a blade that is suitable for the material. Finally, for maximum blade life and cutting speed, you must know the hardness and size of the material and its compressive strength. For instance, distinguishing between soft and hard concrete is extremely important before you even consider operating the machine. For soft concrete, a hard-bonded diamond is recommended. For the hard one, you will need a soft-bonded diamond.


Task Complexity and Scope


For coring or drilling functions, determine how large a hole you wish to drill. Then observe the maximum ranges and capacities of the tool. The task’s complexity and scope will help you determine the type of blade to choose and the operating speed you will need to complete the task efficiently.


Size of the Saw


The size of the saw is also an important consideration. The primary way to determine this is by looking at the nature of the job. For instance, if it’s a heavy construction job and your project involves cutting through large pieces of concrete in a short period of time, you will need diamond blades featuring a large size to ensure that the concrete core drilling is easily performed and is less time-consuming. On the other hand, a smaller blade size would be more than enough for a minor job that needs to be done around the home.




While the concrete core drilling saws don’t vary much in design regardless of the manufacturer that produces them, they can certainly vary in quality. Therefore, to get the best value for your money, it is recommended that you always pick the ones that offer superior performance.




If you wish to perform the job hassle-free or want some freedom of movement, then a lightweight, portable diamond saw blade is an ideal choice. If you are always on the plan to move, then be sure to get a cordless tool. It would also be good to pick a versatile tool that allows you to change accessories easily.


The Bottom Line


These are some things to consider when choosing the right blade for your concrete core drilling project. To get a better return on investment, you must have the concrete coring skills and knowledge to utilize these tools properly. 


If you lack the necessary skills to perform the job or struggle to choose the right blade, don’t hesitate to consult professional concrete core drilling Sydney services. With our help, you can avoid the hassle and any unexpected additional costs for completing your project.